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Wakes with the wolves but does not hunt.

Each night, Ashling picks another player, that player will be seen as a Villager this night.


Not many things are as horrible as a family losing their child to the cold winter. But the Ashling is one of them.

The Ashling is a reanimated corpse of a young child, often visibly damaged by the frost, seeking to reenter the home of its former family.

Now, if one was rational, one would see through the cold gray skin and banish this creature on sight, but the Ashling knows how to pull the heartstrings of the parents of the lost child, and the power of grief can cloud even the strongest minds.

Alas, once the Ashling has been invited into a home, any sanctity of that house is broken, and as long as the Ashling remains there, any other demon or soul can seek refuge inside the hold as if they were invited in as well.

Usually, from this point, the only salvation for the household is the purity of fire. The same can often be said about the family as well...

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