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Branding guidelines

To ensure that the brand of Wolflord is recognizable, here are some musings on how the brand should appear. These can be bent if it serves the product, but we should not loose ourselves too much.


Wolflord is set in the dreamscape of medieval folklore, where creatures of myth and nightmares from all over the world intersect.

From demons of death from the east, to murderous cannibals from the west, Wolflord is an amalgamation of all mythologies. Ice giants from Jotunheim could interact with mezopotamian Wendigos, and it would still be "canon".

These creatures also exist in their original form, before any grade of [insert major animation studio name] polishing. Mermaids were monsters intent on drowning their pray, toothfairies would gnaw on your bones if you didn't voluntarily give up your childrens teeth ect.

Through it all, the themes of light vs dark, good vs evil and insatiable hunger vs. the pleas of survival is core.


The main materials of the game is mud, blood, iron and a little bit of unpolished gold to highlight key features.

Main foreground color (bone)

Hex: #e7e7e7

Main constrast color (blood)

Hex: #8a1616

Side constrast color (ash)

Hex: #393939

The dirt is black and rough, the sky almost always cloudy.

Trees are always twisted and bent, with the bark rough and grainy.

Very few things are simple and pure, and even the shining armors have dents and scratches in it.

Nothing has that "new" feel to it. Everything is slightly worn or dirty.


We are going for an artstyle that is best described as Realistic Fantasy. Shying away from the overly simplified cartoonish look of similar werewolf games, we want to deliver a high-definition and deep experience, that is enjoyable to look at.

All town cards are predominately blue, using gold or silver to highlight their abilities.

Town base color

Hex: #38affa

All wolf cards are predominately red, using fire and glowing red to highlight their abilities.

Wolf base color

Hex: #d04242

All chaos cards are predominately green, using tar, sparks or similar elements to highlight their abilities.

Chaos base color

Hex: #4fd042


The soundscape of Wolflord is a classic medieval sound, ranging from ambient to epic. We use an acustic steel guitar as the intent for the town, pauker drums and throat singing as the indent of the wolf team, and sharp strings for the chaos team.

Furthermore, each card should also aim to have a distinct sound, with the town cards using regular instruments, and the wolf cards using more tribal or natural foley sounds.