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If lynched, the town will proceed with a second lynch round, using the same nominees.

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As a carpenter, you have the ability to bend the one-lynch-per-day mechanic of the game, which is usually a core balancing mechanic. Of course this is linked to your untimely demise, but don't be fooled, it is still a very useful trick to curve the odds in the town favor.


Carpenters in the middle ages were very skillful and created many things out of wood for others. Carpenters were also considered elite tradesmen for their skill in trading goods.

They shaped essential items such as homes, wagons, furniture, tools, and utensils. To make these, carpenters used tools such as sanders to smooth wood, routers to make grooves and joints, and miters to create miter joints. Carpenters were useful to society because they were responsible for making everyone's houses and furniture.

Carpenters were required to be extremely skillful with their hands, tools, and wood. They learned to hone these skills at a guild before becoming a real carpenter. They were also required to know math and bartering to become a master carpenter. A master carpenter usually gained high wages because kings and nobles often hired them.

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