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Becomes the first role that dies without being revealed.


The changelings are creatures that are said to be able to change their appearance into whatever they want. They are said to be able to disguise themselves as humans or other creatures, and have been known to use this ability to trick others. They are also said to be able to fly and have magical powers. There are many myths about the changelings and what they can do, but nobody knows for sure if they really exist or not.

There are many stories about the Changelings in mythology. In some tales they are described as evil creatures that enjoy causing trouble for people. In other stories they are seen as being more mischievous and childish and not really caring about causing harm to others. In modern times people often use the term "changeling" when describing someone who is a little bit different or strange. Sometimes this is meant as an insult but sometimes it can be meant as a compliment. It depends on the context.

In mythology, the only way to defeat a changeling is to use magic. You would need a very powerful spell to vanquish them from the mortal world.

A changeling is considered to be one of the most powerful creatures in mythology, and they will not go down easily. It would take a lot of strength and courage to face one, and even then you would still have a tough challenge on your hands. But if you can muster up enough courage and strength, you just might be able to defeat one of these powerful creatures.

Question and answers

How does Changeling win?

The changeling can not win as itself, it must turn into another card and absorb its winning conditions.

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