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Corpse Bride

At the start of the game, pick a lover.


I waited at him at the crooked oak tree. I had heard his promises that we would be free.
I would give my life for him and all that he was, even death would not tarnish my loss.

But once I saw the world from the grave, and how easily away my love he gave,
I swore on the roots and the worms of the soil, that this was a life I would not let him spoil.

Forever after we shall both be together, as I swipe my nails at his life-bound tether.
And only when he rests in the soil like me, I shall truly be happy, and my soul set free.

And anyone who dares stand in my way shall feel the cold grasp of eternal dismay.
For I was naive when I was still in love, but now revenge is all I've been thinking of.

So step aside and let my love be found, or find yourself dragged deep underground.

Question and answers

What if the corpse bride dies before the role swap is completed?

Then her chance of gaining a victory is lost, and she herself has lost the round (unless a Chaos victory occurs)

Will the player that lost their card to the corpse bride retain their victory conditions?

No, they must win with the new card in hand.

What does picking a lover actually do?

Answer is coming soon, hold on tight...

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