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Any wolf role next to you will be seen as a Villager by Investigators. You are also seen as a Villager yourself.
You can not partake in the hunt.


The woman who we know as the Blood Baroness was born Erzsebet Bathory on August 7th, 1560 in Nyirbator in the Kingdom of Hungary.

She was born into one of the most prominent noble families in Central Europe. As a result, she was lavished with the very best education and classic upbringing.

It has been recorded that young Erzsebet was exposed to all sorts of horrific atrocities during her formative years, riddled with unknown diseases and mental illments.

Her first encounter with her morbid arts was during a corporal punishment, where a young man caught stealing, was being sown into the body of a horse.

Unlike the majority of noble girls of her time, Erzsebet was not offended by the violence that she saw – in fact, she seemed to be drawn to it. It was not long before her own castle became more and more of a torture chamber in itself, and she surrounded herself only with people that similarily endulged her dark impulses.

As her husband taught her the doctrines of torture, her handmaiden Anna taught her the ways of murder.

The numerous disappearances of the girls raised no eyebrows, as peasants were completely disposable at that time. And any questions raised were quickly squelched by virtue of the huge power that her noble family held.

Erzsebet was, in all practical terms, untouchable - she could torture and kill to her heart’s delight. And she did.

According to stories, she were said to bathe in blood of young virgins, pluck the nails of her victim's fingers and toes, jab sowing needles in their eyes and much much worse.

When she ran out of young girls in her vecinity, Erzsebet came up with an even more sinister ploy.

Under the guise of a School for young nobles, Erzsebet opened her castle to numerous noble families across europe. Once there, the Countess had full power over the victims, whose family would not expect them to return any time soon.

It is unclear how many horrors her victims had to endure, and how many fell under her care. But if one is searching for a mortal with true ties to the world of evil, one has to look no further.

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