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If attacked by werewolves, the werewolves forfeit their entire next round.
This effect also triggers even if you were saved from death.


She knew what had to be done... She saw the strongest in her town succumb, the bravest and the smartest.

She saw the most courageous crumble and the noblest betray their allies.

She knew something had to be done, and she knew it might cost her dearly.

Her skills were not that of the sword, nor for any arcane prowess. But she knew the land around the village like the back of her hand, and she especially knew which plants and berries to avoid.

But now, she had a new goal. She knew the exact amount of poison she could ingest, without killing her outright. If she was to succumb to the monsters, she wanted one last stab of defiance.

And as she saw her veins grow black and her flesh turn cold, she knew that she made the right choice.

She would not go down without a fight, no matter the cost.

Question and answers

Does the effect still trigger if the Diseased is protected?

Answer is coming soon, hold on tight...

Will the effect be able to trigger multiple times per game if the Diseased is protected?

Yes, if she survives being attacked, and then is attacked again, she disables anew.

Will the effect affect the whole Wolves team or only the Werewolves?

All wolf team roles are disabled when this triggers.

Will the Diseased affect passive Wolves team abilities like the Imp?

Answer is coming soon, hold on tight...

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