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Your only way to win is to be lynched. If you do, the player who nominated you will die as well.

Player guide

As a jester, you are dancing on the fine line between living and dying.

Remember you ONLY win if lynched, so being killed by the werewolves is worth avoiding.


The tale of the Jester is often not one told, since Kings and Queens are often hog the spotlight.

But once, there was one court jester that proved that even a smiling face could hide sinister intentions.

This poor creature, unstable to begin with, was mock viciously by the court for lacking exciting new rhymes and riddles, and took up drinking the toxic Mercury to try and sharpen mind and wits.

Combined with a deep fascination with the occult, the Jester started to broaden the material and quickly became the talk of the town.

Alas, the stories became more and more inconsistent, manic and raving. In the end, the King banned the Jester from the great halls, out into the filthy streets.

The next day, the young daughter of the King was missing without a trace, but the Jester was heard raving and ranting about her.

The King quickly had his torturer capture and torment the Jester, but even through broken ribs and torn teeth, the Jester released nothing but cackles and laughter.

Soon after, the torturer died of a condition of the heart, and since no one felt safe with the Jester screaming and laughing deep in the dungeons, they got out a barrel and threw both in the sea.

But the next morning, the King woke to find his castle abandoned, his Queen and servants gone. The only creature left standing, sitting by the feet of his throne, was the Jester. His burnt face covered in a wooden mask, that seemed to move and grin, as the Jester spun gruesome stories about what had happened to all in the castle in morbid detail.

The rules of life and death no longer mattered for this fractured soul.

Question and answers

Does a Jester win if a Poppet gets him lynched?

Absolutely. To him, a lynch is a victory, no matter how it happened.

Can the Jester choose to spare his nominator and not kill him?

No, the killing triggers automatically.

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