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When you are the only wolf role left, pick a player and turn both of you into Werewolves.


In any pack of werewolves, there is often a Wolfmother, the alpha female that dictates the process and decides the fate of her cubs.

A stern but powerful beast that carries a motherly charm despite her beastly presence.

Some believe that they are a natural part of the werewolf hierarchy, while other believe it might be a witch or shapechanger that takes on this form, in order to infiltrate a werewolf pack and make them do her dark bidding.

She rarely joins the hunt, often staying at a safe hideout in the woods awaiting her wolves to return. It is said that if you stumble upon her in the wilds, insightful conversations can be had with her about life, fate and purpose. But it will only last until her wolves return to her, and will attack any humans on sight.

Often more slender and "stretched" than her male counterparts, with more humanoid hands and opposing thumbs. Skilled in magic, and with a certain glow to her to illustrate immense wisdom and power.

The highest responsibility of the Wolfmother is often to decide who may or may not become a part of her pack, a choice filled with trappings and twists, since one bad newcomer could tear the pack apart from the inside.

In contrast to regular werewolves, the Wolfmother also seems to have full verbal and cognitive skills, and has the ability to transform back to human form whenever she decides, but prefers staying in the form of a werewolf unless it is important to her survival.

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