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Development log

19 Nov

Patch update

+ The SCHOLAR joins the game roster (Town Support).
+ New report system is in place.
+ Rewrote and reshaped a lot of runtime processes, making the game smoother and reducing lag on lower end devices.
+ Polished up the Possessed, with treasure track, achievements and relics.
+ Added more cosmetic horns.
+ New premade deck with dynamic properties : Wyld woods
+ Fixed some deck selection issues.
+ Added tons more achievements.
+ Added more nodes to the custom card workshop.
+ New tokens : Public town and Public any
+ Improved modal load speed.
+ New cosmetic options.
+ Fixed steam bug that states "0 left alive" when in a lobby.
+ Fixed a series of strange layout issues.
+ More cosmetic options.

10 Nov

Patch update Beta

+ The POSSESSED joins the game roster (Town Specialist).
+ When people leave lobbies, the system is quicker to recognize the missing player.
+ Fixed some bulk chest opening glitches.
+ New search option in card creation node picker.
+ Moved identity notifications out of the chat and up underneath the identity line.
+ Split the two offering slots for easier handling.
+ The Lapland Tunic and the Rokoko dress can now be dyed.
+ Added prevention tech to counter loot exploits.
+ Fixed skinflayer XP issues.
+ Ranked decks with out-of-service cards inside them are now disabled automatically.
+ Loads of achievements created (still some way to go).

04 Nov

Patch update

+ The PURIST joins the game roster (Town Support).
+ Rephrased some abilities on Purist, Skinflayer and others, to improve transparency.
+ Scout now sees all activity, and not just the first.
+ Fixed bug where lynching a Riding Hood or Draketamer would halt the game.
+ Fixed a whole lot of network communication bugs.
+ Reworked some spawn systems, strengthening ban-rules set by the host.
+ Fixed some issues with Ashling, Ignoble, Warden and Watchman AI.
+ Fixed (hopefully for good) the Cthulhu spawn issue with certain cosmetic combinations.
+ Fixed Dormund's beard sometimes wrapping down his hands...
+ Added a couple of devilish horn cosmetics.
+ Strange UI scaling issues resolved.
+ Fixed bug where zero-cost items would appear in the markets.
+ Most played roles listed.
+ More achievements and polish.

30 Oct

Patch update

+ Launch date pushed two weeks to ensure a more stable client on launch.
+ Numerous claim system improvements.
+ Fixed some issues that would prevent abilities from triggering.
+ Ronin issue now fixed where multiple lynches with a town crowd involved doesn't enable the attack.
+ Witch of the Envy mechanics reworked.
+ Fixed glitch where Guardian can retarget the same player.
+ Artificer and Dullaghan cross-spawn blocked.
+ Stalker is no longer negatively effected by wolf-style aura manipulation.
+ Improved achievement handling.
+ More color dyes.
+ Position of Dullahan's Head is now revealed at the end of the game.
+ Fixed bug where Kings mark and others were displayed twice.

29 Oct

Patch update

+ The DULLAGHAN joins the game roster. (Chaos Attacker)
+ Reworked some issues that could cause lag-spikes on character onload.
+ Optimized initial loading processes.
+ Fighting a cthulian vertices compression bug caused by the platemail.
+ Wildling now still attacks the night she is herself killed.
+ Fixed bug where PK could win with only two kills.
+ Removed spinning card animation from random card tokens. It caused more grief than fun.
+ Coarse Whetstone altar issue resolved.
+ Fixed issue where Lorenna wearing the death mark caused her to have two faces.
+ Fixed minor issue with werebat alternate artwork.
+ Tweaked how dyes affect the monk robes.
+ Fixed bug that caused the claim system to fail.
+ Fixed some bugs that could mess up the rolelist post-game.
+ Clones now have reinforced protection from spawning cloned unique roles (unless Untethered).
+ Cleared up some claim system issues.

27 Oct

Patch update

+ The EXECUTIONER joins the game roster. (Town Attacker)
+ Fixed a very spooky scary voting bug.
+ Fixed some issues borking the card editor.
+ Added more tooltips to the card editor.
+ Fixed unlock conditions for the Mecha Riding Hood card skin.
+ Admiral vestments can now be dyed.
+ More dye colors.
+ More delicious relics.
+ Minor offering reworks.

24 Oct

Patch update

+ Fixed a handful of memory issues.
+ More relics!
+ Clone tokens are back in business, and adjusted a bit for balance.
+ A bug preventing the Gamemaster token to enter play has been resolved.
+ Optimized network traffic during cross-platform play.
+ Fixed bug where non-chaos roles mistakenly were declared bonus winners.
+ Fixed AI Templar issues.
+ Fixed some altar offering stuff.

21 Oct

Patch update

+ The SUCCUBUS joins the game roster. (Wolf Support)
+ Halloween event "All Gallows Eve" initializing.
+ A bit of Wyvern rework.
+ The cultist robe now reacts to colored dye.
+ Some more memory issues fixed.
+ The Burning Wheel system is prepared, but not fully in effect just yet. This includes weekly card rotation.
+ AI now has a better understanding of cards like the Plague Lord, Riding Hood and Corpse Bride.
+ You can now ask an AI to protect or investigate you.
+ Cultist hoods now change color when you dye the Cultist Robes.