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Hunts like a regular wolf, but may hunt twice if he is the last Killer role in the wolf team.


The anatomy of a werewolf is often derived from the human form. They stand as tall as maybe two men when they are fully grown. A threat in every way, but still a relatively comprehensible threat.

But once in a while, a phenomenon occurs that creates what is known as a Direwolf. A gargantuan creature the size of a barn, that can rip through trained soldiers like a scythe through wheat.

Direwolves are rare, so the exact conditions for how one is made is unclear. Some speculate that it is a random occurrence, others that one is born for every thousand werewolves, and others believe they can only come from actual noble blood.

Regardless of where they come from, even rumors of a Direwolf can leave villages to flee their homes and guards abandoning their posts.

Some even speak of communities that tie their young to poles outside the cities, in hopes that the Direwolf will eat them and spare the town.

But the hunger of a Direwolf is never sated, and those who have seen the horrors this creature creates knows that no bargain can be made with pure evil.

Question and answers

If the Direwolf is the last Killer role in the wolf team but blood regime is active, does the Direwolf hunt twice?

Answer is coming soon, hold on tight...

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