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Select a player each night.

If that player is or becomes protected tonight, so do you.


Fishermen have always been seen as almost their own nation. While farmers were easily put under the control of landlords and jarls, fishermen have always had their mobility and freedom as strong perks, and could quickly evade both problems and taxes.

But being at sea is not a task for everyone. A hardened stomach and the mind to be confined in a small wooden vessel for weeks is needed.

This unlimited freedom combined with the isolation quickly made way for the stereotype of the fisherman being gruff, aggressive and rootless.

Question and answers

Can the Fisherman steal the Prince's ability?

No, only nighttime protections like the one given by the Bodygard or the Shieldmaiden can be copied.

Does the fisherman know if he successfully gained protection?

No. He can only do his best to keep himself alive.

Can the fisherman choose the same target each night?


Can the fisherman appear in a deck without any Defender roles present?


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