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Each night, select a player.

The role of this player can't change.
This effect lasts until the next night.


A creature wandered into our village one day, dressed as a beggar. His face was that of an old crow, and his voice was rasp and damaged.

He walked to the market and pointed his feathered hand on one of the merchants there.

"I know what you did!" he screeched, so rough and loud that the people at the square had to hold their ears.

The merchants stared back at this creature, scoffed and said "Are we to believe the word of such a grim and disgusting creature? Begone or I will call the guards on you!"

The creature nodded, and left the city, leaving a cape of murmurs and bewildered townsfolk.

Despite everyone agreeing that this creature was not welcome in their community, the act could not escape the mind of the townspeople. The merchant tried to brush it off with jokes and disgust over the creature, but he soon felt the cold shoulder of the town and the exclusion of the community drove him mad.

One misty morning, a scream woke up the village, as the merchant was found dead on the market square, with a silver feather plunged into his back, as it we're a knife. The horror turned to anger once the villager found in his home, the bones and skulls of many a lost maiden in the town.

Years later, the creature returned to the village, and they quickly surrounded him. A child asked "How did you know, Crow-man? How did you know what he did?"

The crow bent down to the child and whispered "I did not. But I know what he did, because I know what he was. And no man can ever escape that."

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