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If you are attacked by the werewolves, you become a werewolf.

Question and answers

When do the lycan turn evil? At Day, same night or start of next night?

You will be turned the same night that you´re attacked. Beware, that when this happens, The Seer will see you as a werewolf as well

Do my card get exchanged for a werewolf cars?


How Will i know i've been turned as a Lycan?

Answer is coming soon, hold on tight...

If i am attacked by the werewolves, but the Bodyguard protects me, do I still turn evil?

Yes. If you´re attacked by the werewolves, even if the attack dosen´t succeed in killing you, the transformation will still happen. This can also be used as a cover, if people suspect you for having been turned.

If the Karura targets the Lycan, then the Lycan gets attacked, does the Lycan die as he cannot transform into a werewolf?

Answer is coming soon, hold on tight...

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