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Plague Lord

Each night, infect another player. Once every living player is infected (not including yourself) you win the game.


The Plague diseases ravages lands and infected countless people. However, not everybody infected will die. Some will be blessed.

The plague chooses it´s host, and the person is the new Messiah of the plague. And as the title is passed down once again, the plague will once again rise.

Concealed in the city, you´ll spread the word of the rotten god, and give people the gift that they can never redeem back.
People might reject your offer, because they can´t the way of the diseased. You eyes are open, and you´ll open the ignorant eyes of the plebs! By force if you have to.

Question and answers

When he infects everybody else does he immediately win or do the other factions still win as well?

With the plague lord, he triggers an instant Plague Victory, stealing the entire game for himself.

What happens if there are two Plaguelords? Do they have to be infected then?

For each individual plaguelord, all other players must be infected for them to win.

What would happen if 2 plaguelords infect someone on the same night?

Then the victim will be granted two stacks of the plague (one from each) and instantly die.

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