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Get in the game!

Would you like to make an appearence inside our game? Are you looking for a gift for that special someone in your life? Then Wolflord Portrait Service is the thing for you.

For a small fee, we will do an artistic rendering of your likeness as an ingame unlockable portrait.

Portraits takes about 6 days to produce, and you will receive the following:
  • An ingame portrait for yourself, marked as the original portrait.
  • A full 1024x1024 pixel portrait file of the finished project, without watermark.
  • A voucher code so you can share the portrait with friends.
  • Rights to use your portrait on social media and other platforms.
  • Support the developers and artists!
  • Support the wolf wildlife preserves with 10%.


The queue for custom portraits is currenty : OPEN
We only have a set number of slots available to ensure we dont overburden our artists.

The Process

You send us some refence pictures of yourself (or the person you would love a portrait of) along with some pointers about personality and playstyle. If you want, you can mention your top 3 favorite Wolflord card artworks, so we can match the artstyle and possibly the same artist as well.

We then give the artist 4-6 days to process the information, sending you a black-and-white sketch halfway through. If you confirm the sketch, a colored and detailed portrait will be completed.

Examples of portraits

Order your custom portrait for $90.00