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If a Town Crowd is lynched, the Raven is woken together with the
Town Investigator.

Player guide

The Raven is the right hand of The Seer, a person that can see the ever within what might seem like ordinary people. And you, as the trustworthy helper, can so too.

However, you power does not come without a cost. A villagers life must be taken by the gallows, and the following night, you may see a player of The Seers choosing.

Some will say that this ability make The Raven a useless ally to the town, but a smart raven can use its ability to turn the tides of a game.
You can disguise yourself as The Seer. If The Seer spots a Werewolf, he might not be able to out that person just yet, because he want´s to see where the rest are hiding. But The Raven can confront the person, while The Seer still watches the townsfolks.

Furthermore, you can confirm if The Seer is alive or not. So if a imposter comes and try to persuade the town, you have a ace up your sleeve.

At it´s core, The Raven might seem like a card without much potential, but The Raven is a card with a very special position in the game, and is definitely not to be underestimated.


The Raven is a odd one indeed. As half human and half raven, you walk between the townsfolks, hiding your identity to the public. But when the time is right you show your true face.

Being a shapeshifter, not many people will take you in lightly. However, if you look beyond the fear of the everyday man, you´ll find your true solace: The Seer.

As the companion to The Seer, you´re a an ally to the town survival against the werewolves. But your help does not come cheap. When innocent blood is spilled, The Raven will together with the Seer be able to see peoples true colors.

When a villager is hanging from the gallows, The Raven spreads its wing, and fly by The Seer, use its power.

Some may say that The Raven is just a sidekick to The Seer, but The Raven is a clever bird, and it might know more than she lets on.

Question and answers

Can the Raven choose the target to be revealed?

No. The raven is only an observer, the Seer will pick the target.

Does The Ravens ability work, if it´s a Townsfolk role that gets lynched, or only a villager?

The Ravens ability only trigger when a Villager is lynched.

If there is no town investigator, do the raven still wake up?

Yes, when ever a Villager is killed, the Raven wakes up. A great strategy can be to bait out people to claim a town investigator, if you know that there is non.

Can the Raven appear in games where there is no Seer in the deck?

No, the Raven should never be placed in a deck without the Seer.

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