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If a Villager is lynched, you may attack any other player this night.


The Ronin, the wanderer, the drifter.

A lone soldier with his blade, no lord to command him, no law to follow.

Yet the code of honor still rings true in his heart. Why should the common farmer not deserve the same as the emperors on their thrones?

For a Ronin might have no allegiance, but he still needs food in his belly and a roof over his head.

So he wanders from town to town, looking for injustice, salvation and a chance to right the wrongs.

And the people know that a man beyond the rule of law can take up steel against those bound in wealth and power.

So as his sword cuts through nobles and corrupt leaders, the Ronin purifies the world one quick cut at a time.

But there will always be corruption, and therefore, there will always be more Ronin.

Question and answers

Will the Ronin's attack be blocked by the BodyGuard?

Yes. The Bodyguard blocks all nighttime attacks.

Does the Ronin attack turn the Lycan?

No. The Ronins attack does not turn the Lycan since it´s not interpreted as a werewolf attack.

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