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Each night, choose another player to protect (protected player will be revealed, you can't choose the same player twice in a row). This player will not be killed this night.


"Saddle the longboats, we hear that there are monsters to kill and glory to be won. I drink mead, slay wolves every day"

Clad in mail and fur she looks every bit as daunting as she would have done in the finest silken ballgowns.

Tall and proud she stands, ready to protect the village against its predators.

The fierce Viking warrior women fear no man and certainly no werewolf.

Question and answers

Can the shieldmaiden protect herself?

No, she can only select another player.

How will the town know who the shieldmaiden defended?

The town will be told who was protected doing the morning phase

Can the shieldmaiden defend herself?

No she can not

Can the shieldmaiden defend the same player every night? Does she not need to alternate her targets?

In contrast to the Bodyguard, the Shieldmaiden has no restrictions on repeating the same target round after round.

Can the shieldmaiden choose NOT to defend someone?

If she really dosen't want to protect anyone she can choose not to

Can the Shieldmaiden defend against the Plaguelord?

She can prevent the death of the player, but not being smitten with the plague.

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