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COVID-19 Guidelines

Covid-19 have been a devestating slap in the face of social games, and since this thing doesn't seem to go away anytime soon, here are some guidelines that we emplore anyone to conduct while playing.

Many of these are honestly practices that we would love to see exercised in any games, with or without Covid lurking backstage.

For Players

  • If you have symptoms - DONT PLAY
    No matter how much you miss playing, if you are showing any symptoms of Covid, stay at home until you recover.
  • Let your host know you are coming
    With the Covid around, it often falls to the host to prepare the best they can before play. It is therefor in everyones best interest that you clearly RSVP before play, so they know if you are coming or not.
  • One chair - One player
    No matter how social you feel like being, stay in your own seat.
  • Elbumps instead of high fives
    Celebrating a victory or a gnarly kill is always inticing, but stick to elbumps for now.
  • Say it don't spray it
    Make sure when you are arguing with nearby players not to talk loudly directly into their faces.
  • Don't get intimate with your card
    Keep your card clearly and safely in front of you, escpecially so the GM can access it at all times. Don't tug it away into a back pocket, your bra or some other strange locale.

For Hosts

  • Get a poking & pointing tool
    A general hint to all gamemasters, getting a tool to assist poking players and pointing is a godsend. Personally, we recommend the Harry Potter Replica wand for that extra flair, but a simple ruler does the trick.
  • Utilize social media
    If possible, prepare the deck in advance and share a picture or a role list with the players, so they have an easy time recollecting it.
  • Lock away cards not being played
    Seeing with your hands instead of your eyes is a classic issue, and to ensure the fewest people possible touch each card, tug away cards that are not being played.
  • Prepare multiple decks
    If possible, prepare multiple decks so the games can be easily rolled over round-by-round. This reduces idle time and makes you as a gamemaster much more in control.