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If a player nominates the Wildling, you will attack that player tonight.

When you kill your target, you get to see the role and gain a copy of the winning condition of that role.

Question and answers

Does the Wildlings effect triggers once per game, or until the Wildling get a winning condition?

The Wildling ability is always active, and she will keep attacking and collecting winning conditions. The new ones do not override the old, so she can stack multiple to increase her chances of winning.

If the game ends and the Wildling has not gotten any winning conditions, does she win or lose?

If a player has no winning conditions, they do not win.

Does the wildlings attack counts as a werewolf attack?

No, the wildling is a chaos role, not a wolf role.

What if the Wildling is nominated by two different players or more? Does she attack all of them?

A player can only be nominated by one singular player each round. Any subsequent attempts of nomination are ignored.

Could you clarify the winning condition? For example, if the Wildling kills the Poppet, does that mean she wins with the Wolves, even if she dies?

The victory condition of the Poppet is a wolf victory, so if the Wildling slays a Poppet, she would now have a wolf victory in her bag of winning conditions.

What if a Wildling attacks both a Werewolf and a Villager? Do they win no matter what?

This is the ultimate goal of the Wildling, being able to win with either team.

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