Are you friend or foe?

A modern revival of a party-game classic, Direwolf brings the werewolf/mafia style game into the present with new rules, cards, app and technology. Print for free at home, buy the retail deck or play it online for free, the experience is no longer far away.

This game is in its earliest stage of production

The direwolf project is still in it's infancy, but join our community to get updates and freebies.

A lootcrate solution

2018-07-12 17:04:10

After a lot of headscratching and legal investigation, we have finally found a solution to the "lootcrate problem" that works for both us and the players:

In the regions where lootcrates are banned, all lootcrates will contain the SAME three resources:

For a basic chest, it will be:
- 100 gold (universal currency for cosmetics)
- 20 moonstones (universal currency for events and tournaments)
- 1 universal coin (can be turned into any role coin)

This is calculated based on an average of what a regular loot crate will contain.

This will only affect players in the regions where the anti-lootcrate laws are in effect, and we checked with local legal experts in Hawaii, the Netherlands and Belgium, and this fully complies with the recent laws (that seem sure to spread to other regions, but it's impossible to say when and where.)

For everyone else, lootcrates will continue to contain either normal or rate loot, and we will publish the full lootdrop tables, once they are finalized.

It will be possible for players to opt in to this flat-rate system, if you feel that either a consistant flow of loot is better for your playstyle, or you have any addiction-tendencies that might be triggered by the randomization. We offer a permanent one-way conversion, where your account permanently is switched to this method.

Will post an update again, once we have finalized the method and have loot-drop tables to show.

Developer update: Monday beta prep

2018-07-02 12:44:05

Aight, I just got the paperwork back from Steam, and we are green to move to beta now, and then to Early Access in August.

We also got our funding secured, which means we can finally pull in more artists at a fair wage to get the ball rolling again.

Additionally, we signed with a playtesting company, so we now have professional testing assistance on the game.

Currently, there are only two testing servers, EU and US, but I plan to expand that with a dedicated Russian server and a dedicated canadian server, since game law between US and Canada are soon to change.

Also, we are making sure that everything is GDPR compliant, so early players might be prompted to re-sign the community terms again by the client.

The client got some healthy updates this weekend, including:
- Unified BGM system to manage music across loading screens, ect.
- 5 new tracks added to the soundtrack.
- Widescreen monitor support.
- Accelerated GPU use for multicore devices.
- Improved ping across voice-server system.
- Game now supports no-voice variants.
- Discord link directly in main lobby.
- Redesigned news view.
- Quit button in lobby.

Future client updates this week:
- Wednesday: Portrait selection system
- Thursday: Advanced game picker
- Friday: Wolf role in-game.

We are also giving the website a major overhaul, since a lot of information posted there are quite old.

Dev update: Shifts in release plan

2018-06-11 19:50:29

"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."

With this mantra, looking over the time schedule, and with lots of unexpected surprises, I must admittedly shift the release plan a bit.

The new release plan will be as follows:
- Open beta: 1st of July
- Early Access: 1st of August
- Launch: 1st of December

This should give us the time needed to reach the goals set. We want to give you a solid quality game, and this takes both time and cash.

We will also have to revamp the reward system, due to shifting tides in the microtransaction-world.

We hope to have a gameplay update soon, so we can return to playing games and having fun :)

All the best
Nils Munch

Dev update : Version 0.2 Beta and 200+ hours played

2018-05-14 19:30:23

A new patch is now available. We are now two patches away from opening the game to public beta.

We had a wonderful test, and it seems many of the core mechanics are finally working. Wooh!

The feel of the game is still very messy, but now we can justify experimenting with better UX, new roles and more interesting stuff.

This also means that we safely can accelerate the testing rounds, so Wednesdays at 20:00 will now also be a testing day.

Anywho, thanks to everyone for sticking with us so far, here are the patch 0.2.0 updates:

- Strengthened the handling of players leaving and/or connecting mid-match.
- New waiting-for-players screen.
- Countdown before game start.
- Click to move disabled when using abilities.

- Skillbook issue hopefully resolved.
- Skillbooks only shows text when they can be used.
- Planted some lights to highlight the skillbooks when they are usable.

- Fixed "peek in" light effects.
- Fixed lamps and light triggers upon entering and leaving.

- Winners are now rewarded with a Medium lootchest, where non-winners that stick out till the end are awarded a Small lootchest.
- Players that abandon the game will no longer recieve any rewards.

- Fixed scroll buttons on side of the chat.
- Fixed accidental double-posting.

Dev update : Main menu, items and more

2018-05-07 12:11:04

Hello all, its monday and time for another round of updates and testing.

The core server have been taking quite a beating, but came out alive, so it seems that it's the right server to support the game, once we go live.

At the end of this month, we open up the beta to more people, so hopefully the core gameplay will be working at that point.

We switched to the latest version of the Unity game engine, which led to some unforseen firestorms codewise, but things should be under control now.

Also, we planned to run the loot-box model for this game, but we are looking into some alternatives, since new legislations about lootboxes are tearing up the "scene" at the moment.

This version has:
- Game main menu.
- News page.
- Moved beta notification to main menu.
- Item system for loot and rewards.
- Currency system.
- Skill icons are now gone from the game.
- Better flow for voting and nominations.
- Plague effects.
- Triggered items for player abilities.
- Better spectator handling.

This evening we will run a round of tests again, hopefully we will be closer to a more "game-ish" feel, and can start opening up for players to run their own games, whenever they feel like it.

Dev updates : Dynamic lights and motion

2018-04-23 16:03:24

Hello all alpha testers :)

So, it is monday, and starting today, every week, I will make a post about what has changed since last week, to keep everyone updated on the development.

Last week we finished up:
- Dynamic zone lighting system.
- Localized voice chat.
- Character introduction modal.
- Nighttime visuals.
- Character animations.

This week will be all about:
- Better ability flow.
- Better lynching and nomination flow.
- Private dwellings in town.

We will run some tests as often as we can, and hope people will join us around 19:00 (CET+1) during the evenings every Monday for a gameplay test, first one starting tonight.

If you have questions, join us on the Discord chat at

600 new beta seats opened

2018-04-05 13:47:03

So, with the game back on the board, it's time to grow the testing playerbase.

The game is intended to have 16-20 players at once, and in order to have enough players for testing, we need to expand the bulk of players.

All betatesters will recieve a free copy of the game, plus any and all goodies that will be tossed around during the beta phase.

If you are interested in playing along with us, or just curious about the project, you can apply for a beta key here :

New servers!

2018-03-30 16:20:11

So, the gears are slowly being put into motion, and the development of Direwolf can be reassumed. But first things first, we are setting up some new servers over the Easter, to combat many of the latency issues and random errors we had.

New servers should be up and running to service you all on Sunday.

The doctor is in!

2017-10-07 19:42:01

Some quick updates from the caves of development:

We still have some unexpected network errors plaguing the client, and they are preventing any real gameplay testing. We are working hard on fixing these.

New role: Doctor (town)
Can cure people each night, as long as the doctor doesn't suffer from the plague himself.

- Scene lights now changes according to the phases.
- You can now click your own card to hide it, during the introduction phase.
- Improved the artwork for the ability buttons, testing out some shiny ones for now.
- Camera now stops rotating once the player starts dragging it.
- You can shift camera focus by shift-clicking a player. Reset it by clicking on the central stairs.

Unified accounts fixed

2017-09-18 19:33:51

Good news! It is now no longer required to create a player account on our website. Now all that is needed is to open the client in Steam, and all game progress will be saved in the steam cloud.

This means that you can start playing as soon as you download the client.

Seeking more beta testers

2017-08-30 22:25:20

Hello all.

The Beta is advancing well, and we have our KPI and financial system coming together nicely.

We have teamed up with KeyMailer to expand our pool of betatesters, so if you know any YouTubers, Streamers, Letsplayers or just fans of the genre, ask them to come by this page, so we can get them a juicy beta key:

Steam Stats implemented

2017-08-27 17:39:18

Things are advancing slowly but with a solid pace. Today we implemented the use of Steam Stats, to keep tracks of winning streaks, good behaviour, playtime and achievements.

In the near future we will also have version-specific detail reports, and we hope to get more testgames up and running.

First weekend of testing

2017-08-20 08:34:22

So, the weekend is finally here, and the first round of testing has been opened up for beta play. That means that it's no longer required to have a gamemaster with you if you want to play the game.

We don't have that many playtesters onboard yet, so your best luck is to coordinate something with friends in order to get a spontanious game going.

At the moment, at least 3 players are needed before the system will allow a group to play, but a "decent" game involves at least 6 players.

We are also working on the Inventory system for the game, but initially it will only involve player avatars.

We hope you will poke around for youself, and stay tuned for more updates

Community page live

2017-08-12 17:45:10

It gives me great pleasure to report that our Steam community pages are now live, which allows us to post news directly to the steam page.

This should make it much easier for now to grow our betatesting community.

GM Gecko

Ahoy, maties! Testing ahead!

2017-08-04 08:18:24

We have given out over 500 invites to our beta test, and can see them slowly converting to actual users. Therefor, it seems like a good time to pin down when the closed beta starts. To give the devs a fair amount of time to prepare a playable build (the current build can not be played without a GM supervising the game) the closed beta is set to start the 19th of August.

You are all welcome to join us on the official beta Discord channel (link coming shortly) or in the forums, to talk about balance, gameplay, pacing and rules.

Hope to see you all there.

Back from the Genki convention

2017-08-01 14:36:08

We were at the annual GenkiCon in Copenhagen, Denmark to show off a very very early version of our Direwolf engine, and onboard our first wave of around 100 playtesters. There still sadly isn't much to look at, but we will be shipping out new builds every weekend for the next two months, and being able to play a full game without interruptions is our main priority.

A wild newspage appears

2017-07-31 19:16:29

Thought it might be smart to create a real newspage. Not much content to talk about just now, but at least there is a source.