Are you friend or foe?

A modern revival of a party-game classic, Direwolf brings the werewolf/mafia style game into the present with new rules, cards, app and technology. Print for free at home, buy the retail deck or play it online with your friends.
We are still in development, but are closing in to launch the game to the world.

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What is Direwolf?

Direwolf is a recompiled and curated version of the public domain game Werewolf. It consists of two parts, a digital online game, and a physical game.

The digital version is under development, and will be launch around the winter of 2019, with a early access around August 2019.

What is this game about?

Direwolf is a social deduction game about lies, murder and strategy.

Two teams; the Villagers and the Monsters, fight over control of a small hamlet, and the poor souls that lives there.

The goal for the townspeople is to eliminate any and all threats to their existance.

The goal for the Monsters is to tear apart the town, and kill everyone that is not them.

Each round is played in two phases, a day and a night. At day, everyone can debate and discuss the situation, and more notibly, lynch a player.

After a lynching, the Night phase begins, and each player can use their ability on eachother, most notibly the monsters choose someone to collectively kill.

The rounds pass back and forth until one faction has complete control of the game.

As a bonus, a third faction known as Chaos might also be present in their game. All players on the Chaos team have their own agendas, and are not even in coorporation with eachother.

Lie, investigate, cross-examine and emphasize your way to victory.

Good luck and have fun!

So, I can play now?

Absolutely, we are eagerly looking for playtesters. Visit the Join the BETA page or visit our Discord for a free beta key.

I heard you are looking for artists?

Yes, we still have some vacant artist spots for making card art. A fun aspect of the game is that players can collect various "skins" for each card, so for say the Plaguebeast there is the classic Plaguebeast, a Line-claire Plaguebeast. a Dark Fantasy Plaguebeast, a Chibi Plaguebeast and a Foil Plaguebeast.

Mechanicly, its completely the same card, it just adds a little flair to the game that the same card can be found in various ways.

If you are interested in joining our artist squad, either give your business card to one of our staffers (dark grey tshirts), or sign up here on our website, and we will contact you once the convention is over, and we have rested our poor sore feet.

How is your game different from regular werewolf?

a fair and fine question.

Werewolf exists in very variations, and each master seems to have their own take on the rules. Today, many people have defined their own way of playing it, that is technicly not the intent of the game rules as written.

We have spent the last two years talking to werewolf/mafia players from all walks of life, and have held numerous Direwolf events, to compile some of the most interesting 3rd party house rules and custom cards into one grand experience.

The original creators of each card or optional rule are still fully credited, and the larger rule catalogue means more game variations, so you can play it like YOU want to.

We have compiled some sets that we find entertaining, but with our clients people can set up their own games, with their own selection of rules.

And last, but not least, we allow creative heads to design their own cards via the STEAM WORKSHOP system. And if cards become popular enough, we will offer to make them a official part of the game, with full creditation to the creator.

Will there be a physical card game?

Yes, and we are getting the last pieces of that together at the moment.

If you are interested, we are also hosting a Direwolf playtest during this evenings WEREWOLF event, which starts at around 22 Friday.

If you want to play along, we advice you to read up on the roles and rules, so you are a bit more familiar with the changes from your regular experience.

I have a question about a specific rule or card...

Then please let us know. All our staffers are also vivid and experienced Direwolf players, and we love to talk strategy, corner cases, playstyles and so on.

Each role and custom rule also has a FAQ section on it, which we would love to expand.

If anything else, hit us up on our Discord channel where we eagerly talk design and strategy.

How many players do we need before we can play?

Direwolf is fun with many. We have 12 stations ready, and would love to see all 12 in play. We would always rather have at least 6 players at once, so find some mates, make some friends, and sign up for a timeslot, and we will work it out.