Direwolf Artist Program

The Direwolf Project is always looking for artistic talents - With multiple cards in production, and each card having multiple skins and artstyles, we're going to need a healthy pool of artists.

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What kind of art styles are Direwolf looking for?

In essence, we seek every artstyle so we can offer a large variety of estetics to our players

For now, we seek :
- Classic fantasy/Dark fantasy paintings
- Noir BW/TimBurton'esque art style
- Classic superhero Stan Lee'esque comic style
- Prim & Proper victorian / steampunk / sepia style
- Clearline vector style

What benefits does the artist get under the DAP?

- Payment directly transferred to the artist's bank account.
- Artist does not commit to more than one piece of artwork at a time.
- Full creditation on the card itself, or whatever art asset provided.
- Full rights to distribute the artpiece on Deviantart, galleries and portfolios.
- No NDA contracts.
- Increased Affiliate options for earning extra revenue.
- Legal backing against art theft.
- Exposure and payments!

Contact details

If you have any questions to the people behind the game, drop us a line at [email protected]