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This project is sadly closed

After many attempts to reboot and breathe new life into this project, I am sadly faced with the tough decision to pull the plug on this project.

Problems on the plate

Health problems, mental problems, and financial problems make this rock too heavy for me to keep pulling, and after 6.000 dev hours and 4.000 playtest hours, I don't think anyone can claim I didn't try.

But from poorly planned code architecture to me not dealing with social pressure very well, the heap of things that needed to be done kept growing, no matter how much I felt I hacked away on the keyboard.

And for those keeping tracks of the health stuff, I'm happy to say that I am in remission, but it also comes with the price that I have to cut anything that brings too much stress into my life, and sadly, this project is the main issue for me.

Alas, it's my sad conclusion that too many problems running a game like this are not technical issues, but interpersonal problems. Recruiting players, keeping them engaged, preventing toxicity and bullying, keeping the worst apples out, it's simply a task so daunting and with no easy fixes in sight.

There is a lot that I can fix when I have guests in a physical circle, but the social contract we have when we play in the real world sadly doesn't translate well into cyberspace, and I would hate to be a host to an experience that makes people feel bullied, harassed or leads to death threats. (Honestly, whoever gets a kick out of that, I will never comprehend...) It doesn't matter if it's me, my family, or my players, games like this should not be the reason people fear going outside or meeting new people.

That being said, however rotten some of the bad apples were, I am eternally grateful for those that was willing to hang out, playtest and just keep me company during this journey, and your contributions meant the world to me, even if it was eagerly killing me off in the first round of the game <3

So, what happens now?

The game will be taken off steam, and those who decide so can get a full refund. If you choose to keep it however, I have arranged with the new owners that you will get into their upcoming version of it right off the bat, but I have no idea when that will be.

The game IP itself will be sold off, and I hope the buyers will breathe new life into it. They have a better understanding of games like this and are much better suited to bring it forward. Maybe with a new name, a new coat of paint, that is for them to decide.

A round of thanks

I will send out my absolute best gratitude to all the playtesters that stuck with me, even in the toughest times. We had our ups and downs, but it was a pleasure to play with you all.

To the discord mods, the artists, and the playtesters, I thank you for a heck of a ride. I still believe in this game, but I don't see myself as the developer that can keep the fires lit.

I will still be making games, but I will definitely return to calmer, more single-player-focused stories and more tangible project sizes.

As for the physical version, I will still be hosting game nights and our continuous Murderous Monday in Copenhagen.

I'm sorry I couldn't bring you the game you hoped for. I hope someone else can.

With all my love
Gecko the Dev