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Game Rules

The basics of the game

Direwolf is a tale of night and day. Good and evil. Trust and betrayal.


A game of Direwolf has two opposing teams. The villagers and the werewolves.

This split between the majority knowing very little, and the minority having the information is essential for the dynamics.

There might also be a third force at play, called the Chaotics. These are the green cards, that often have no direct barings to the other factions, but can choose who to assist and how to ensure their own victory during play.


The day starts with announcing who, if any, has died. The debate timer starts, during this period accusations and arguments for and against will happen, this is also when nominations occur, a player can nominate one other player, and the nominations can not be retracted. Once the debate timer is up, the defence talk timer starts. During this period, only players who have been nominated will be able to talk. This is their possibly last chance to state they should not be whisked to the gallows of truth. As the defence talk timer ends, the voting round starts. Each player can vote on one other player, the player with most votes is sent to the gallows of truth. In case of a tie between the highest tiered players, a second voting round will start. If this second round also ends in a tie, the day immediately ends.


During nighttime, only roles with nighttime abilities will be active.


Each team have individual goals in the game.

The villages needs to remove ALL threats to win. They do this by lynching people each day.

The wolves needs to eliminate ALL villagers.

The chaos team have individual goals, and never win as a team.
Still working on these actual rules... We'll be right back.