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When a player is protected, you get to see their faction.

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A long, long time ago in a faraway land. There lived a great and powerful admiral. She was revered as the greatest admiral in the kingdom, but few knew where she came from or where she had trained. She was known for her courage, her strength and her cunning. She was a hero to the people and a legend in his own time.

One day, thisgreat Admiral was walking along the shore when she saw a smaller boat stranded on the rocks.

Inside the boat was a beautiful young woman. She was crying and her clothes were drenched from the sea spray. When she saw the Admiral, she begged her for help. The Admiral brought her back to shore and helped her to dry off. She saw that the girl was freezing so he built a fire and gave her some of her own clothes to wear.

After she had warmed up, the Admiral asked her what had happened to her. The woman told him that her ship had been wrecked in a storm and that she had been the only survivor.

The Admiral was heartbroken to hear about the woman's plight. She decided to bring her aboard her ship and give her shelter. She fed her a hot meal and made sure she was comfortable the best she could.

But the innocent venere of this woman did not fool the Admiral... She was a mermaid.

Her inner soul was that of the flowing currents and her true voice was like silk. She was also very powerful and could control the wind and the waves. She was a master manipulator and could charm anyone with her beauty. She was also a great swimmer and could breathe underwater. She was a dangerous creature but she was also very intelligent. She was a creature of myth and legend and many people feared her.

So as this innocent women layed in her bed sleeping, the Admiral grabbed a knife from the kitchen and held it at the mermaids throat. "I know who you are" said the Admiral "...and I do not want to harm you. But if you are here to seduce me, I will cut you down where you stand."

The mermaid nodded silently, and sat up. She thanked the Admiral for her hospitality, then lept out the window unto the waves below.
The Admiral never saw her again, but knew that she was still out there in the cold dark ocean. And she knew she would have to hone her skill to

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When will it tell you the faction and does the protection protect from anything?

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