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wolf support

If nominated, all Town roles secretly target themselves tonight.
During the wolf round, pick another player. That player will be seen as a Villager this night.
Once per game, select a player. That player will attack instead of protect tonight.
During the wolf round, pick a player. If that player is an investigator, all Wolf roles are seen as Villagers.
If nominated, all wolves will be seen as Villagers tonight.
If Carrion or a neighbor of the Carrion is lynched, do not reveal the card. Ignore any effects that card should have caused.
All successful wolf kills are revealed to the wolf team at the end of the night. If lynched, you must choose a teammate to be lynched as well.
Each night, the concubine disables a target player. You may not pick the same player two times in a row.
Any wolf role next to you will be seen as a Villager by Investigators. You are also seen as a Villager yourself.
Each night, select a player and reveal their card to the wolf team. The player will be notified. If the player is then protected, the Gremlin dies.
You start with out any ability to hunt. Each night, you may attack one player for each bonus vote on yourself.
If a hunting wolf role is lynched, you take over this role and a fresh copy of its abilities. Until then, you are immune to attacks at night.
When a Wolf role dies, pick a player. See their card and replace it with the dead wolf card. They still retain their original role.
Once per game, entangle another player. The entangled player will be unable to pick any targets. When you die, remove the entanglement and highlight the player that was entangled.
Copies any abilites belonging to the last role lynched, including werewolf hunting. Can not alter its own winning condition or turn into a non-wolf.
If you are protected, the role can not successfully protect anyone until you are dead.
If lynched, you must pick a player. That player will immediately be lynched as well.
Instead of hunting, you may make a guess which player is the Town Investigator. If you guess correctly, you and the Seer are turned into Werewolves. If wrong, you are revealed.
The Stalker can not hunt. Each night, pick a player. You will be informed who that player have been targeting this night.
At night: You wake with the wolves but do not hunt. When you nominate a player, they become Fragile, and can not benefit from protection tonight.
At the start of the game, pick a player. Replace their card with a Tengu card without their knowledge. They retain their original role but will be seen as Tengu.
Each night, pick a player. That player's card will not be revealed if lynched the next day.

wolf attacker

If a player dies in secret but is not killed by the wolves, you may see their card.
The neighbors of the players you hunt will be seen as Werewolves tonight.
Hunts like a regular wolf, but may hunt twice if he is the last Killer role in the wolf team.
If killed but not lynched, all wolf hunts may be performed as individual attacks for the rest of the game. Is immune to werewolf attacks.
If lynched, the wolf team will attack both your current neighbors instead of the regular hunt.
Your non-wolf neighbors are seen as Werewolves.
Your immediate neighbors can never benefit from Protection at night.
If a wolf or chaos role is lynched, the jackal is seen as a Villager the following night.
The Minotaur can only be killed through Lynching.
If you were nominated this round, your attacks are piercing.
If the wolf team has suffered no losses yet, you are seen as a Villager.
If the Hunt fails, protect all other wolves. The faction of the Okami is seen as the one from the last person lynched.
If the Oni is the only Wolf Attacker alive, your attacks ignore protection.
If a player survives your attacks, they are permanently seen as a Werewolf.
If no wolves have been revealed in this game, you are immune to attacks at night.
If lynched, you revive and become a regular werewolf.
The Wayob is seen as a Villager when the number of Werewolf roles is odd.
If a Chaotic role was lynched, you may perform an extra attack. (Multiple Wendigos may perform individual attacks)
If targeted by a nighttime ability, you will be informed what role targeted you.
Each night, you hunt together and pick out a single player to attack. (If nothing interferes, their target will not survive the night.)
If lynched, the remaining wolves may hunt twice this round.
When you are the only wolf role left, pick a player and turn both of you into Werewolves.
If no one was lynched during the day, all wolf roles are seen as villagers at night.

town survivor

You are protected at night as long as both of your original neighbors are alive. If BOTH your neighbors are werewolves, you turn into a werewolf at nightfall.
You can only be killed by werewolf attacks and lynching. If all Villagers are gone from the game, you turn into a Werewolf.
If attacked at night, forward the attack to the player on your right, and make it piercing. If both your neighbors are non-town roles from the same faction, the Coward turns into a Werewolf. The coward will spawn with at least one town role as a neighbor.
You can not die at night until a wolf role has been lynched. If eaten by wolves, they may hunt twice next night.
Select a player each night. If that player is or becomes protected tonight, so do you.
If a Town Investigator or Defender is lynched, turns into a Werewolf.
You are immune to wolf attacks if you are next to a wolf role. You are immune to chaos attacks if you are next to a chaos role.
If you are attacked by the werewolves, you become a werewolf.
If nominated, becomes protected at night.
If one of your neighbours receive any kind of protection at night, you receive a copy of that protection.
If another town role turns into a werewolf, you turn into a werewolf as well.
You can never be eliminated by lynching. If Lynched, you return to your seat, and the game immediately goes to the night phase.
You can not die if another player died this night. You survive lynching if another player was lynched today.
Once per game, you may reveal your card during your defensive speech, and withdraw yourself from the lynch round. (Cannot be used during the voting phase.)
When a Town role is lynched, you become protected at night. If a Witch is lynched, all other Witches turn to Werewolves.
If your neighbour is a Town Crowd (Villager / Orphan / Maiden), you are protected from the Wolf Team.

town support

If the Town Investigator dies, you secretly take over their role. Your aura is always truthful.
Every second night, you may wake up another player and greet them.
If lynched, the town will proceed with a second lynch round, using the same nominees.
If attacked by werewolves, the werewolves forfeit their entire next round. This effect also triggers even if you were saved from death.
When a Town Attacker dies, you take over their role.
If a Town Survivor dies, you take over their role. You are protected the night this happens.
When a chaos role is lynched, become protected and wake up with the investigator(s).
When a town investigator is killed, the wolves must pick a player among themselves. Then, during the next night, that player and Munin will wake up together.
If the painter is nominated, the person who nominated will be seen as their true role tonight, and revealed if they die.
If a Town Crowd is lynched, the Raven is woken together with the Town Investigator.
Every third round, pick a player and reset any "Once per game" abilities.
When the Town Defender dies, you take over their role. If protected, reveal this card to your protector.
Pick a player each night. If target player is killed, their card is revealed.
One night per game, you may cause trouble and force the town to lynch twice the following day.

town specialist

If starts the game with a Chaos neighbour, gets a indication that is the case. The Artificer is immune to all Chaos abilities and attacks.
Everything that happens to the Bard at night is narrated to everyone.
Cures plague from other players, as long as the Cleric itself is not infected.
Each night, choose a player. If that player is a Wolf role, change it to a classic Werewolf.
Each night, select a player. The role of this player can't change. This effect lasts until the next night.
Each night, pick a player. That player may cast 3 votes instead of 1 the following day. Each player can only be picked once.
When someone is killed, the mortician is told the role of the killer. If they are killed by a group, you get the role of the closest killer.
When a chaos role dies, you take over their special abilties, disregarding any special winning conditions.
Each night, choose a player. Next day, treat this player as a Villager role, ignoring their original abilities, even on lynch. They regain their original abilities when the night starts.
Each night disables a target player. You may not pick the same player two times in a row.
Pick a player each night. If they die this night, they may (like the Hunter) pick a player and eliminate them.
Starts the game revealed. For the first three nights of the game, you are protected.
Each night, pick a player. Delay any nighttime powers they might have by one night. If you target an attacking group, delay the entire attack. If a Witch is lynched, convert all other Witches to Werewolves.

town investigator

Each night, wake after the Town Defender. You will see the faction of any players that are defended this night.
After the wolves performed their third kill, reveal the closest Wolf role to you, then reset this ability.
Each night, pick two players. You will be informed if any or both of them are Chaos. If Chaos are gone from the game, this ability detects Wolves instead.
Pick a player each night. The gamemaster will point to another player with a similar role type.
At the end of the night, look at any neighbor's card if they are not your original neighbors.
Each night, look at two players to see whether they are on the same team or not.
On even rounds, pick another player. Tonight, that player may pick another player and sees that card. The card is also revealed to the werewolves.
If a Chaos or Wolf role was lynched, select a player. The entire card of that player will be revealed to you.
Each night, pick a player. You will be informed if that player is using any abilities on another player.
Each night, choose a player. You will be informed if that player is a wolf-team role or not.
During executions, the torturer marks the player with the second most votes, as long as there is no tie. During the night, the torturer investigates that player, while the player is awake.
If a player has any bonus votes, their card is revealed to you. If a Witch is lynched, all other Witches turn to Werewolves.
Each night, you are informed how many Wolf roles can be seen within 3 spaces on either side. If another witch is lynched, all witches turn into werewolves.

town defender

Each night, choose a player. That player can not die this night. You may not pick the same player you picked last night.
Each night, both your neighbors automatically receive protection but are seen as Villagers.
When a role is lynched, protects all players with the same type (but from any factions). When protected by you, they appear as Villagers.
Pick a player each night. A chosen player can not be lynched or targeted the entire round, and their vote counts twice. Each player can only be picked once per game.
Each night, visit and protect any neighbours that are seen as Town Crowd.
On even nights, defend two players. If they are attacked, it will be announced.
Once per game, you can secretly protect all players except yourself. At morning, anyone attacked that night will be pointed out by the gamemaster.
Each night, choose another player to protect (protected player will be revealed, you can't choose the same player twice in a row). This player will not be killed this night.
When a player is lynched, protect both their neighbors at night.
Once per game, protect a target player and yourself.
Each night, pick two targets. You will protect any Town Crowd picked.
Once per game, choose another player who will survive their next death. If lynched, all other Witches join the Wolf team.

town crowd

At night, if a bonus vote appeared during this day, place a bonus vote on any player.
If killed, places a bonus vote on a neighbor player.
If lynched, the nominating player gains two bonus votes against them.
If lynched, place this card in front of a player. This counts as a permanent bonus vote against that player.

town attacker

Once per game, you may perform a night-time attack.
Each night, you may pick a player. You will attack all player using their nighttime ability on this player. If the Wolves attack that player, you only attack the one closest to you.
When killed, you may immediately attack up to two players who are sitting up to two spaces away from you.
Can kill the second-most voted player on even nights. Dies if kills a town role.
If the number of living Wolf roles is greater or equal to the Town roles, you may attack a player each night. The Wolf team can not end the game as long as you are alive.
Pick a target at night. If you become protected tonight, you attack your target. If you targeted another player, you are seen as a Werewolf.
If you are killed or lynched: pick any player. The player is immediately killed.
When you die, your card is always revealed. Each night, you may pick a player. If they have changed role during the game, eliminate them and reveal their card.
If you are killed at night, you may instantly perform an attack. If your target is a Town Crowd role, they become Kitsune.
If a Villager is lynched, you may attack any other player this night.
Every second night, pick a player. If the player visits another player, you will attack them. If a Witch is lynched, convert all other Witches to Werewolves.

rule survivor

The gamemaster is not a playing participant, but the player that keeps track of all elements of the game.


Every third round, the power of each bonus votes increase by 1.
All roles are considered unique.
The villager ability will trigger no matter how they die.
Before dealing the deck, a random card will be removed. Then, a copy of another random card will be shuffled into the deck.
On ties, both tied players are lynched. There are no recounts.

chaos specialist

The Amalgam is any and all factions, role types, and specific roles at all times. The Amalgam is always the neighbor of all other players. The amalgamation needs to be investigated, protected, and nominated to secure its victory.
Start of game, see other chaos roles. When you are alive, other chaos roles are unable to die at night. You win if the game ends with at least one chaos role alive, not including yourself.
Becomes the first role that dies without being revealed.
Once per game, pick a player. When they die, you take over their role.
Each night, place four stacks of Rooted on a player. Rooted players can only target immediate neighbours. One stack is consumed when they perfom a nighttime ability. You win the game if all living players are Rooted, except yourself and your neighbors.
Protect another player each night. Protecting a player from a different faction than the last target makes the Geisha protected as well. Survive the game to win.
Each night, pick a player and wake them with you. That player gets to perform their main ability again tonight. If they have none, they are protected.
On even nights, visit a player. If that player is killed tonight, turn them into a Ghast and Protect them, then lose this ability. If this happens to a Wolf role, they keep their role. If lynched, disable all Wolf abilities tonight. If a Ghast survives, all Ghasts win.
Each round, curse another player. Attacks towards a cursed player counts as Chaos Piercing attacks. When a cursed player is killed at night, you are protected. Survive the game to win.
At night, pick a player, but not the same player twice. They receive a true and false statement from the gamemaster. Pick wolf and a town role this way to ensure your victory.
When you die, look through the dead role pile and pick one, then return to the game. You will forever be seen as Chaos.
If your original neighbors die while you are alive, you join the winning team.
Tries each night to swap two roles. Wins if the count of players with new roles is more than half.
When voting, add dead players to the total. Needs to be the only player voting on a lynched player to win.
Each night, pick a player. If they are chaos, convert them to the Jester role. Can detect any Jesters. If Pandora is the last Chaos alive, she locks in her victory.
Before the game starts, choose two players. You win if either they both win, or both are eliminated before you.
You are skipped when searching for "neighbours". You are immune to daytime attacks. If you die, place your card in front of another player. You now win if they win.
Knows the true identity of all deceased players. Must be alive at the game end to win.
Can only win by being eaten by the wolves. If this happens, the wolves forgo their next night phase.
Pick a player each night. If you are attacked this night, your target is attacked instead. You win by causing a player to kill someone from their own faction (including themselves).

chaos attacker

Picks a player on even rounds, which neighbour players are forced to visit. Have a player killed this way to win the game.
Choose another player at the start of the game. This player gets to kill another player when they die. Then, draw a random card from the discarded roles pile.
Every third night, attack one of your neighbors. If the attack fails, you wither and die. You can not be killed by Werewolf attacks.
At the start of the game, pick a lover.
When the game starts, place Dullaghan’s Head at the player with the alphabetical first role name. You win when that player dies. You may attack a player every third night.
Your only way to win is to be lynched. If you do, the player who nominated you will die as well.
If a Town Crowd was lynched, you attack the person who nominated them the following night.
Each night, infect another player. Once every living player is infected (not including yourself) you win the game.
Each night, you will attack the player with the highest number of bonus votes. If this is tied, place a bonus vote on a player of your choice instead. Kill three players this way to ensure victory.
Pick a player each night to become your client for the next day. You can not pick the same client two nights in a row. When your client nominates someone, they Sellsword may choose to attack the nominated player OR the client.
Each night, place a mark on a player that appears at dawn. They are now "flayed". When a flayed player is killed at night, you take over their role. If multiple, you may choose.
Each night after a Wolf role has been killed, pick a player. They will be awoken and need to select you, or die. Kill a wolf and a town role this way to ensure your victory. Your ability then fades.
If the Chaos roles outnumber the town faction, all Chaos roles win the game (despite their winning condition). If you are the only chaos left, you may kill a player each night.
Every second night, poison a player. If you are nominated, all poisoned players die tonight. Kill more players than the game had wolf roles.
If a player nominates the Wildling, you will attack that player tonight. When you kill your target, you get to see the role and gain a copy of the winning condition of that role.
If you are the only chaos role left, you may, each night, attack target player within two spaces. If the Wyvern doesn't attack, it dies.