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If the Town Investigator dies, you secretly take over their role.

Your aura is always truthful.

Player guide

As the Apprentice, your biggest problem is that you start off with no abilities, but earn them only when the true Town Investigator is dead.

But because of this, there are some advantages.

- You know exactly who was the Investigator when a player dies, and you become their role. This makes it hard for other false Investigator claims, both before and after.
- You have no chance of triggering "dangerous" trap cards.
- If the Investigator manages to deliver their findings before they die, you start your Investigator round with some blanks already filled in.
- A Raven will be able to verify if you have fallen before the real Investigator.


Arcane gifts are fickle at best, and the skills required to weild these mysterious arts requires not only boundless studies, but also the spark of magic in your soul.

Therefor, true apprentices are not only those who wish to become magical, but also those who can.

This, combined with the knowledge that Seers and Oracles often don't have long lifespans, is the reason that a valid Apprentice can be truely hard to come by.

But for those who pick up the mantle, can save everyone around them if they keep a cool head and their eyes peeled.

Question and answers

Will the apprentice get to know what the seer knew?

Sadly not, the apprentice that becomes the seer will have no idea who the previous seer checked, or who that seer was.

In case of multiple apprentices, will they wake together?

The apprentice never wakes at night.

What roles can the apprentice take over?

Any role that is identified as a Town Investigator.

Can the apprentice appear in a deck without a Town Investigator?

No, an apprentice should never be put in a deck if there are no investigators.

Does the Karura effect work on the apprentice?

Yes. An apprentice targeted by the Karura will be robbed for the opportunity to become the investigator. This is a bad outcome for both the Karura and the Apprentice and should be avoided at all cost.

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