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After the third player has been killed by a wolf, the Arcanist is shown the closest Wolf card and player, then this ability resets.


In the shadowed corners of Aeloria, where misty realms whispered of forgotten truths, a legend emerged about an Arcanist named Lysandra. She was born not out of joy, but during a sinister celestial event known only as the Dark Convergence.

Lysandra’s magic wasn't like the gentle Arcanum of old. It was raw, unpredictable, a side effect of her ominous birth. As she grew, so did her power over this malevolent Arcanum, weaving shadows and bending whispers to her will.

Maelor, the ancient seer, once revered, had been driven mad by visions of impending doom. He spoke endlessly of Lysandra, of her dark potential. But rather than fear her, many sought to use her, seeing in her abilities the promise of power and dominance.

The abyss, known as "The Void," was no longer just a dark fable but began seeping into the realms. Instead of confronting it, Lysandra found herself inexplicably drawn to it. The Void whispered to her, promising even greater power, and the Arcanist found herself unable to resist.

Lysandra's quests were not to gather shards but to plunge realms into darkness willingly. Cities that once shimmered in glory turned to ghost towns under her shadow, their denizens either fleeing or transformed into shadowy wraiths.

The more she channeled the Dark Arcanum, the less human she became. Her eyes became pits of endless night, and her voice, a haunting echo of despair.

And so, in Aeloria, the once-revered star realms were overshadowed by a relentless eclipse. Lysandra, the Dark Arcanist, didn't become a beacon of hope but a harbinger of endless night, a legend spoken of with dread and whispered fears.

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