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Seen as a Werewolf, but does not hunt.

Each night, select a player.
Unless protected, that player’s card will be revealed to the wolf team, and the player will be notified.


The tales of the Gremlin is often woven into seemingly inexplicable situations. Ranging from mild coincidences, with waking up to all the nails in their house disappearing, to more gruesome events like buildings collapsing burying people alive.

The Gremlin, while being marked by many as evil to its core, does not seem to have murder as its main goal. Rather, it causes mischief to such an extent that it ruins the lives of many.

While many creatures of the fae realm cause havoc if mistreated, or can be bribed into obedience, a Gremlin has no method of being pleased or subdued.

Some of their wicked schemes might even include asking for exorbitant ransoms or offerings, simply to discard these and continue their activities unhindered.

And worst of all, where many creatures like the Gremlin seems to be bound to one area, the Gremlin seems to be able to go where he pleases, and often attracts allies of a similar devious mindset.

Question and answers

Does the Gremlin count as an Investigator and use his ability during Red Dawn phase?

No. Only Town Investigators may act during the Red Dawn.

What does the Gremlins target get as a message?

Answer is coming soon, hold on tight...

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