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Mirror Beast

Copies any abilites belonging to the last role lynched, including werewolf hunting.
Can not alter its own winning condition or turn into a non-wolf.


When you look into a mirror, a reflection from another plane looks back at you. Stare long enough, and you can sense that this creature has a hidden ire towards the reality it is forced to reflect.

But as soon as no one watches the mirror, the shape returns to its natural form. A Lurking horrid amalgamation of flesh and tendrils.

It lurks in its own dimensions, distorted and morphed with impossible shapes, lost without any defined notion of a purpose.

Every fiber of its hideous body starves for a purpose, a reason to exist, a shape to assimilate.

But for eons, these creatures also seed an infinite hatred towards the living, forcing the beasts to serve and mimic them for no gratitude in return.

But once the seal is broken, the Mirror Beast can claw its way out into the mortal world, still hungering for a shape to become, but with no intention of being sympathetic towards the living.

So next time you see your own reflection in the mirror, keep your eyes fixed on the beast staring back, and let it know its place beyond the silver barrier.

Question and answers

What happens if a Mirror Beast mimics the ability of a Squire? Will it turn into a town defender?

The Mirror Beast can never become anything but a wolf role. But if a Squire is lynched, and the Mirror Beast is protected, the Squire ability would trigger and unfortunately reveal the Mirror Beast to the protector.

If the werewolves have majority, but the mirror beast copies the exile, will the game be unable to end with the mirror beast alive?

Answer is coming soon, hold on tight...

ledger live 无法连接

Answer is coming soon, hold on tight...

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