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Hunts and is seen as a wolf.

If the Hunt fails, protect all other wolves.

The faction of the Okami is seen as the one from the last person lynched.


As the wind caressed the leaves of the deep forest, a creature was seen the between the trees.

Its mane gave off a shimmering light, rising to the sky and fueling the stars.

Its teeth were still wet from the last miscreant that refused to respect the balance of nature.

Kind to all that understands the ever-turning wheel of wind, soil, and water.

It looked at me, with eyes lighter than the full moon. It spoke to me, as my guards shivered as the leaves in the wind.

He let me go, spared me from its fangs, to write this warning for all to heed.

My guards and my caravan was less fortunate, and from the deep forest, I can still hear echoes of their borrowing screams of pain.

Question and answers

Will the Okami fool investigators like the Sage?

The Okami can only disguise his faction, not his full card, so a Sage would still be able to find it.

Can a Patron copy the protection of a neighbor Werewolf being protected by the Okami?

Yes, if a neighbor of a Patron is protected, so is the Patron. Even if the source is a werewolf.

What if no players were lynched the round the Okami gets investigated?

Then the last lynched role from a previous round still counts. If no roles were ever lynched, the Okami is purely seen as a Wolf faction role.

What if the Okami becomes tamed or turns into another role? Will it still be disguised as another faction?

If the player loses the Okami role, all abilities are lost as well. That includes the ability to be detected as other factions.

Will a hunting Okami be detected by the Scout?

Only if it's aura is not that of a Wolf. If the last lynched is a wolf (or no one has been lynched yet) the aura of the Okami is true, and the Scout can see it move. If it is anything else, the aura is manipulated, blocking the Scout.

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