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Riding Hood

Can only win by being eaten by the wolves.
If this happens, the wolves forgo their next night phase.


The winter embraced little Red with a shivering gust, as she bravely went deeper into the woods.

Everything around her had a reflection in her mind as if it was all just memories revisited.

She knew of the dark beasts hiding in these woods. She knew how it would feel when their sharp fangs would surround her pale skin.

Yet, she persisted. Her fate sealed in folklore, her future hardened by dry ink.

Some people have their futures laid out for them. Futures of riches, families, and bold adventures.

Red's future rhymes differently. This was her future. And even as she could not do anything to prevent it, she swore by the whispering winds that no one was going to take her destiny away from her.

Because she knew that when the bloodied page was turned, she would wake up again. At the beginning of this woodland path, surrounded by her woolen cloak, the dark trees, and the bitter winds once more.

Question and answers

If the Riding Hood is attacked by the Assassin, does she win?

Sadly no. She must be attacked by the werewolves.

What if Riding Hood survives the game? Does she still win?

No, surviving means that she did not get eaten, and therefore did not meet her winning condition.

Is there no other way for Riding Hood to win than to be eaten?

There are a few, but they are tricky. She can win alongside a Usurper, or by being the ONLY player left standing.

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