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Pick a player each night.

If you are attacked this night, your target is attacked instead.

You win by causing a player to kill someone from their own faction (including themselves).


"For all the trees I count my friends, for all the roots and grass my home.

Men come and go with torches and shouts, I grind their bones and crush their skulls.

They think they can hunt me from my home, but I will never budge a stone.

For as long as moss and roots are here, they have nowhere I don't know by heart.

So let me show you the deaths you try to cast on me, and I will push you back in the grave you dug yourself."

-- Roughly translated by Artreus Krauss, claimed to be an overheard Troll drinking song.

Question and answers

What happens if two Trolls pick eachother?

In the crazy chance that an attack is redirected infinitely, it is considered invalid and can be ignored.

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