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If the number of living Wolf roles is greater or equal to the Town roles, you may attack a player each night.
The Wolf team can not end the game as long as you are alive.


They called me a killer. They called me a liar.

The hypocrites did not have the nerve to sentence me to death, but banishing me out in the cold and unforgiving wilderness was intended to be just the same.

But they made a fatal mistake. They underestimated my will to live. I would decide how my story would end, not the wolves and the vultures of the wild.

For years I managed to keep myself together, learning to avoid the towns, living from one bloodied meal to the next.

Until I heard the bells ring of my home town. Crying out for help in the silencing snow.

A terrible curse had fallen upon them, and their weak souls were falling left and right.

They did not have the strength and vigor that I had to collect on my own. They begged me to return to them and solve their problems.

They underestimated me once. But I will show these feeble townsfolk that my justice is true, and my blade is sharp.

Question and answers

Let’s say all wolves are dead but let’s say an Usurper & some chaos roles are left (who can communicate at night) could the exile still use their ability to kill the Chaos or at least just the Usurper or not?

Answer is coming soon, hold on tight...

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