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Hunts and is seen as a werewolf.

If killed but not lynched, all wolf hunts may be performed as individual attacks.

Is immune to werewolf attacks.


Fenrir was the third son of Loki and Angrboda the Giant. When he was born, a prophecy was born that Fenrir would be the creature destined to kill Odin the Allfather and bring the end of the rule of gods.

Well versed in the prophecies of Ragnarok, the gods were quick to act. They abducted Fenrir when he was a cub, and decided to try and raise it in captivity, where they could keep a close eye on it. However, no one in Asgard dared to approach Fenrir, let alone feeding the wolf, and its eternal hunger made the beast grow more and more fearsome by the day.

Then came Tyr, the God of Justice and Honor, whom as the only god had enough bravery to feed Fenrir, and the hunger of the beast was sedated.

The gods tried in vain to chain the beast, but all attempts were unsuccessful, and the wolf tore through any chain without effort.

The gods called for the dwarves for help. They traveled to the land of Svartalfheim and asked the most brilliant craftsmen to create a magical fetter. The dwarves used a series of unnatural ingredients to help forge the chain: the sound of a cat’s footsteps, the beard of a woman, the breath of the fish, and the spit of a bird. The chain was very thin and did not look to have enough strength to hold Fenrir back.

As the gods presented the chain to Fenrir, the wolf suspected this might be another trick of the gods. Fenrir proposed a deal to the gods, whoever was brave enough to place their hand in Fenrir's mouth, he would allow to cast him in chains.

Tyr was the only god brave enough for this challenge.

He put his hand into the jaws of Fenrir and carefully wrapped the chains around his neck. As soon as the wolf felt the cold iron, he bit off the hand of Tyr. But having predicted this, Tyr did not flinch from the pain and proceeded to successfully chain the beast.

Once the chaining was complete, Tyr plunged his sword through the jaws of Fenrir, sealing his mouth shut, and banished the wolf to a plane beyond existence.

There, Fenrir rests to this day, dreaming of the day the chains will be broken, and he can unleash his wrath upon the realm of the gods.

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