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On even nights, visit a player.
If that player is killed tonight, turn them into a Ghast and Protect them, then lose this ability.
If this happens to a Wolf role, they keep their role.
If lynched, disable all Wolf abilities tonight.
If a Ghast survives, all Ghasts win.

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When a soul leaves the body, it is meant to drift on towards a better place and leave the mortal realm, while the corpse is burned or buried.

But once in a thousand, the body itself refuses its fate, and starts shambling around; hungry, monstrous, and ravenous.

This creature, not alive yet still moving, is known as a ghast. Resembling a ghost, which is the soul without form, a ghast is form without soul.

Usually ghasts don't live long, since most ghasts find themselves buried deep in the earth. And even should they escape, the light of the sun is enough to cause the body to return to dust.

But, as you probably know, should they survive both these hindrances, a town can be cursed with the existence of a Ghast for quite some time. And a single night in the presence of this being can be disastrous on its own.

With its skin sunken, the main weapon of the ghast is its sharp teeth and boney fingers, which it often sharpens by gnawing on them. With its immense fury, it can quickly scale buildings and climb down chimneys, making the landscape of most hamlets far from protected.

Some ghasts still seem to retain a few pieces of knowledge about their surroundings. Where people meet at night, the positions of the city guards and such. This makes them very difficult to hunt, compared to other more wild and brainless undead.

And the worst of it all is the fact that a single ghast can carry within itself enough rage and anguish for more than one shambling corpse. As young and inexperienced vigilantes set off to hunt it down, they often end their lives within the claws of the ghast, for only then emerge later as one of these. That is why, dear reader, I beg you. If you are sure there is a ghast in your midst, do not go hunting for it on your own.

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