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If you are killed or lynched: pick any player. The player is immediately killed.

Player guide

As a hunter, you have the ability to kill a player of your choice.

You do this by clicking the Take Aim button next to the player you wish to kill.

Once you die (regardless of how) you will then perform a direct attack to this player.

Since this attack is performed at day (during the morning when you are declared dead, or during lynching) any nighttime protection will be faded, and you have almost a guarantee to kill your target.

But your target will not be revealed to the town, so be cautious who you take to the grave with you.

Since the ability triggers at day, it will always be announced separately to the unknown kills at day, which also means that players will know you were the hunter all along.

Your ability triggers even if you were distracted at night.


On the outskirts of the village, you often find the Hunter.

Strong, capable, independent and tough, they spend half their lives in the wilderness, seeking their prey and stalking game.

They know the dark woods well and might have seen some of the horrors lurking between the trees.

While the rich folk in the town square make fun of the stories, the hunter knows that something dark and sinister is lurking.

This fear is what keeps the bow ready, the arrows sharp and the nights long.

For when all hope is lost, a silver-tipped arrow soaring through the air will hopefully put an end to this cursed evil.

Question and answers

Does it matter whether the Hunter is Lynched or Killed by werewolves?

The hunter kills when she dies, regardless of how she dies. So lynchings and werewolf attacks would always trigger her attack.

If the Hunter is killed by the Jester, does she then still kill?

Yes. If she dies, she attacks.

If the hunter is attacked, but protected by the bodyguard, will she still shoot?

No. Her attack triggers only when she dies.

If the hunter shoots the Lycan, will the Lycan convert to a werewolf?

No. The shot is not a nighttime attack, and the lycan would simply die.

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