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Knows the true identity of all deceased players.
Must be alive at the game end to win.

Player guide

The Reaper’s special power allows you to see the role of every dead player. A power the gives you insight that the average villager can only dream about. You have a great deal potential to help the town. However: these people are not on your team.

As the Reaper, surrounded by death, only your own survival matters. And while you might want to help the city, by sharing who got murdered, you´ll become a prime target for the night dwellers attacks.

When a person is killed, most importantly at night, you´ll see the true and unaffected card that the person had. This outshines a lot of the Town Investigator roles, but also sets you in a grave deal of danger. An example: If a person is a neighbor to The Imp, he is seen by The Seer as a werewolf, but you can see right though the imps foul smell when that players die, and see the pure card. You can therefore be a spectacular addition to the town team. But just as well, be the most prominent target by the werewolves.

To work around this fear of getting killed, or to simply play the reaper in a different light, you can assume the identity of a fallen player. If a card like The Seer, or another important town role, is killed at night, you can take over their identity and lean on the town protection you. But beware: the town will know about the Reaper.

When you play the reaper, you´re always walking a fine line between holding your knowledge to yourself, and over-expose your finding. The reaper can be played in many different way, and no one way is the only right one. Just remember that you own survival is the only thing that matters, the means to get there is no priority.

The art of The Reaper is done by the amazing: Camille Kuo

Question and answers

Does the Reaper see both lynched and players killed by Werewolf attacks?

Reaper sees all cards, no matter how they are killed. Lynched roles are normally revealed to everyone, but if for some reason it was not revealed, the Reaper will still see it.

Is there any way to deny the Reaper of knowing a dead player's card?

No, the Reaper is an expert in death, and he always sees the card, regardless of how they died, or any effect that would fool a Town Investigator.

Is the reaper affected by the Imp aura? Or other similar effects.

No effects can alter the Reaper's vision.

If a player is killed, but then saved, will the reaper still see the card?

No. If you are attacked but survive the attack, you are not considered to have been dead during the process. You are only considered dead when you are confirmed dead, one way or another.

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