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Each night, choose a player.
You will be informed if that player is a wolf-team role or not.

Player guide

As a Seer, you are tasked with what might look like a straight-forward task: Find all members of the Werewolf team.

However, your abilities also make you a prime target for the werewolves and their friends.

You need to keep a keen eye out for how the wolf team is structured; if it contains any roles that can manipulate with your results and if there are any other roles that might be problematic.

For instance, a Jester would very much like to be lynched, and will often create a conflict if you clear it as a non-werewolf. Meanwhile, players standing next to an Imp might give you two red results, without any of them being an actual werewolf.

Also be on the lookout for both the Apprentice and the Raven, both strong allies to the Seer. If the Raven feels you are under fire and starts pretending to be your role, it could very well mean it's trying to draw heat away from you.

At the end of the day, the town should work with you to ensure the wolves don't know who you are until you can safely and surely point out the evil werewolves and ensure town victory.


The gift of the Seer, often referred to as The True Sight, is described as both harrowing and miraculous experience.

It is only a few individuals in the world that can hone this skill, but being able to sense true evil comes at a great price.

In some cases, seeing the world as it truly is, has driven many to the brink of madness, or over the edge of suicide.

But for those who can carry this gift with the caution it requires, the path of the Seer can ensure safety for thousands.

While the first historic incidents of Seers were often punished for their statements, once it was revealed that werewolves were indeed real, the tone has shifted.

However, Seers notoriously never seem to have a long lifespan. Maybe it's the dark forces trying to destroy this arcane lineage, or maybe their magical powers drain from their mortal beings.

But many towns that survived the werewolf onslaught thank the stars for their Seers guidance, and many smoldering ruins testify to the need of their skills.

Question and answers

Can the Seer check herself?

Yes, she should see herself as a villager unless there are other effects in play.

Can the seer check the same person twice?

Yes she can.

What happens when the seer checks a green card?

Green cards are seen as non werewolves just like blue cards.

What happens when the seer checks a red card that is technically not a werewolf (ie the imp)

Unless otherwise stated on the specific red card all red cards are seen as werewolves.

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