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During executions, the torturer marks the player with the second most votes, as long as there is no tie.

During the night, the torturer investigates that player, while the player is awake.

Question and answers

Is the player that the torturer visits aware he is being tortured? And by who?

The tortured get a small prompt at night that they are being visited by the torturer, but the torturer does not reveal their identity to the tortured.

Can abilities and effects manipulate with the torturer?

Yes, the results are victim to any aura-manipulations, since it happens at night.

What if there are zero votes on the second-most voted? Does that still activate the torturer?

As long as only ONE other player has zero votes, then yes, that would count. Therefore, the Torturer (and therefor the town) often wants as few players nominated as possible (but preferably more than one)

Do Necromancer votes affect the torturer?

Yes, all types of votes count for when the torturer finds their target.

Does bonus votes count for the Torturer?

Yes, all types of votes count for when the torturer finds their target.

What if there is a recount?

No, a recount will not be enough to activate the torturer. He finds his target after the execution.

What if there are multiple lynchings during the day?

If there are multiple executions, the torturer can be granted to see multiple targets at night, as long as they are untied runner-ups.

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