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If the Chaos roles outnumber the town faction, all Chaos roles win the game (despite their winning condition).

If you are the only chaos left, you may kill a player each night.


They called me a traitor, but I only claimed what I was promised.

They called me the enemy, and I shall bring their enemies to their doorsteps.

With the panic from the werewolves, the time is opportune to strike. But standing alone I would surely fall.

I went to the woods, to the caves and the graveyards. I pledged my loyalty to any and all creatures and beasts.

I prayed to every deity that was willing to listen, and I shared my blood with any creature that was willing to fight for me.

And now, with these macabre constructs by my side, the throne is once again within reach.

The creatures of chaos does not have the wits nor the will to rule, but that should ensure that they don't have what it takes to dethrone me when I return to power.

And once I reign supreme again, I can discard them as the fools they are...

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